About Francis Williams Bongay

Francis Williams Bongay

As Chief Executive Officer of IYE Corporation and IYE Properties, LLC, Francis Williams Bongay manages affiliated firms that together provide clients with solutions in the real estate development and construction sectors. Focusing on projects throughout the Southeast United States and West Africa, Francis Williams Bongay’s enterprises also undertake high-quality interior renovation, demolition, and infrastructure building.

A Sierra Leone native, Mr. Bongay has led strategic acquisition of a diversity of U.S. properties, particularly in the greater Atlanta area, since 2005. His companies also provide transportation, check-cashing, and other community-focused services. Mr. Bongay’s business interests extend to residential construction and agriculture development projects that provide distinct economic and employment benefits to Africans.

One major West African initiative that Francis Williams Bongay guides involves the replacement of hand water pumps with sophisticated systems that use drilled water wells. Through this project, IYE Corporation is committed to achieving a vision of safe and affordable drinking water for vulnerable populations that need a consistent water supply. Engaged closely with his wife’s charitable organization World Children’s Dreams, Mr. Bongay also supports efforts to bring necessities such as shelter, clothing, and food to West African communities.

Emigrating to the United States more than a decade ago, Mr. Bongay completed his Master’s degree in Telecommunications at Vanderbilt University. He next established Leone Telecommunication in Atlanta, and directed engineering and installation activities that encompassed clients such as AT&T Inc., Media 1, and Comcast Corporation.

With a passion for family-focused activities, Francis Williams Bongay enjoys playing soccer in his free time.


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